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Break up the pattern.

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As of June 29, the entire System Upgrade EP has been released.
Download the full EP for free from our Music page.

Born Inside a Microphone - Feb. 23 
Negatism - April 6
Fake ID - May 18
A Walk in the Colony - June 29

A Walk in the Colony is the final release from Escape Goat's System Upgrade EP. Like they did with their Free EP, the band closes out this one with a departure from their usual funk rock weirdness. A Walk in the Colony is a prog rock meditation on randomness and system cycles. Darkly, it acknowledges that we may not have the power we think or wish we had. Society and the world have a way of dismantling the best laid plans, good or bad. But the song ends with a grim resolve to overcome our sense of helplessness. We might not control much in life, but we can control the influence we contribute.


For more, see the official Escape Goat Reading List:

  • The Drunkard's Walk - Leonard Mlodinow

  • In the Penal Colony - Franz Kafka

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