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Here's the schedule of release for songs from System Update:

Born Inside a Microphone - Feb. 23 

Negatism - April 6

Fake ID - May 18

Song 4 - June 29

*Each song will be available for presales 1 week before release.

How we got here:

In 2018, Escape Goat released their debut, the “free” EP, and stormed the stages of Edmonton with their trademark brand of alt-funk-rock. For the next 12 months, audiences were introduced to a new brand of rock that swirled with funky energy, unexpected hooks, bizarre tangents, and proggy blasts of technical oddity.


In spring of 2019, the group was just gearing up for one last flurry of shows before getting down to the business of recording their followup. Then disaster struck.


For some, disaster comes in the form of an ominous call in the middle of the night. For others, it may be the early morning gathering of forces aligned against them. For Escape Goat, for Kyle in particular, disaster came in the form of a bicycle, a piece of abandoned furniture in the grass, a screeching halt, and a shattering of bone. When the dust cleared, it revealed two broken wrists and a long road to recovery for the band’s intrepid drummer.


Fast forward to 2020. Escape Goat rang in everyone’s favourite year and road tested Kyle’s fancy new wrist hardware with a New Year’s Eve show at Bohemia. The band was  back up and running, and getting ready to hit the recording studio with their next four tunes. Then the entire world hit the pause button. Not to be deterred, the band dug in and got to work (socially distanced, of course!). It’s taken a while to fight through the 2020 fog and line up the ducks for a proper release, but we're finally on our way.