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For your eyes only!!!!

We're only  releasing our new EP  to streaming services one song at a time, but if you found your way here, you get special access to the whole thing right now!
Thanks for caring about local independent music!

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Starting in late September, Escape Goat will release one song at a time from their new EP, Temperature.

Starting in late September, Escape Goat is releasing one song at a time from their new EP, Temperature.

Temperature - September 21, 2023 
Forbidden Planet - October 20
Sincerely, Appalled - November 2023 (TBD)
Come Down - December 2023 (TBD)

Next show: Friday, Oct. 20 at TBA (stay tuned!)

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Escape Goat's third outing to the recording studio sees the band leaning more on their hard rock roots while still keeping one foot firmly planted in the alternative funk soundscape that has set them apart for the last 5 years.

The Temperature EP was recorded by Brett Reid at Red Bear Records and mastered by Portland audio guru Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Listener's Guide:

Forbidden Planet - A punk-tinged rocker, vibrating with the fury of isolation. "Danger's out there in this glorified freak show!"

Temperature - Muse meets Faith No More in this high energy blast of existential angst. "You never knew what I could do, yet the fact remains that it relates to you!"


Sincerely, Appalled - A funky cautionary tale of abandoned laundry and ill-advised missives. "How the hell was I supposed to know when you would finally clear your load?"

Come Down - Groovy, anthemic rock steeped in questionable life choices. "I think that I have found the perfect way to trade my pay for a simple solace."

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