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Check out our latest single, released October 20, 2023!


Funk and Rock mixed with a healthy dose of What-the-Hell-Was-That?

An alternative funk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Our music sounds a bit like Faith No More mixed with Primus and Alice in Chains. Or is it Black Sabbath mixed with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rush? Perhaps we sound like Les Claypool playing guitar, John Frusciante playing bass, Ice-T playing drums, and Bill Ward on vocals? Or maybe, as Alan Cross has suggested, "Kinda Chili Peppers, Kinda Zappa, Kinda Primus."  

Escape Goat is:

Scott Renton (vocals and trombone) - British Columbia-bred Scott Renton always brings charisma and energy to the stage, along with a seemingly endless supply of hats. A fan of rock and ska music, Scott may be the only singer in history to show up at an audition to sing for an alternative rock band and bring along a trombone. The rest, as they say…


Neil Jackson (guitar) - Neil Jackson is an Irish ex-pat who grew up listening to Prince, Rush, Ice-T and Primus. His quirky tap and slap-guitar riffs reveal him to be one of the few guitar players in a funk band who can legitimately claim to be more influenced by Primus’s Les Claypool than his own bass player.

Erin Dobbin (bass and backing vocals) - The undercover veteran of Edmonton’s music scene, Erin has played in three different gigging and recording bands over the years. From S.O.S to Future Echoes to Escape Goat, Erin has continued to infuse the styles of his favourite bands (like Faith No More, Bootsauce, Infectious Grooves, and Primus) into his bands’ compositions.

Kyle Anderson (Drums) - “Mr. Anderson” isn’t just called that because it’s a fun Matrix reference; he’s also a full-time school teacher. In fact, the band’s Rush-loving drummer (surprise!) seems rarely to show up for a gig without bumping into at least one of his former students.

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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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